Brie Wig by Henry Margu-Full Mono Top & Lace Front-Naturally Yours®Collection



The Model is Wearing 88H- Dark Strawberry Blonde with Light Wheat Blonde Highlights

Monofilament Top with Lace Front and Hand Knotted back

Petite – Average Headsize

WEIGHT: 1.80 oz.
BANG: 3½”
TOP: 2 – 4″
SIDES: 2½ – 3½”
BACK: 2½ – 3½”



…Innovative and artistically hand crafted styles offering exceptional comfort while looking amazingly realistic.
Modern in design, the Naturally Yours collection offers ready-to-wear styles with monofilament tops and lace fronts that offer the versatility to be customized to fit a woman’s personal needs. With advancements in production techniques, the monofilament top is hand-knotted with individual fibers to simulate realistic hair growth and allows for multi-directional styling.
For the most natural appearance and the ultimate in comfort, it’s Naturally Yours.®

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

1BH-Off Black with Medium Brown HL's, 10/613-Light Ash Blonde/Platinum Blonde HL's, 10/613GR-Ash Platinum Blonde/Rooted, 12AH-Golden Brown/Light Auburn HL's, 14H-Dark Blonde/Light Wheat Blonde HL's, 16H-Ash Blonde/Platinum Blonde HL's, 2418GR- Light Ash Brown/Gold Blonde HL's & Dark Brown Roots., 24H18-Light Ash Brown/Gold Blonde HL's, 25GR-Golden Blonde Highlighted Blend with Subtle Hints of Strawberry & Chestnut Roots, 25H-Golden Blonde Highlighted Blend with Suble Hints of Strawberry, 26GR-Light Gold Blonde Rooted, 26H-Light Gold Blonde/Light Blonde HL's, 27AH-Dark Strawberry Blonde/Dark Blonde HL's, 31H-Dark Auburn & Mid Brown with Warm Strawberry HL's, 37-Light Brown Mixed Grey on Top Graduating to Mid Brown Mixed Grey at Back, 38-Light Brown Mixed with 25% Grey, 38/56GR-Silver White Highlighted with Light Grey & Light Brown & off Black Roots, 43-Mid Dark Brown Mixed Grey on Top Graduating to Dark Brown Mixed Grey in Back, 44-Grey Mixed with Dark Brown, 4H-Mid Dark Brown with Mid Brown HL's, 51-Light Grey Mixed with 25% Mid Brown, 56-Light Grey Mixed with 15% Light Brown, 5H-Dark Brown/Strawberry HL's, 60-Off White, 60/101GR-Silver Tones with Light Platinum HL's & Brown Roots, 6H-Chestnut Brown/Auburn HL's, 7H-Chocolate Brown/Caramel HL's, 8H-Mid Brown/Golden Brown HL's, 8/14H-Mid & Dark Brown with Dark Blonde & Subtle Auburn HL's, 8/27/33H-Mid Brown with Gold Blonde/Strawberry & Auburn HL's, 88H-Dark Strawberry Blonde/Light Wheat Blonde HL's


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